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Default Re: Government "fairness" creates monopolies. Here is the evidence.

Originally Posted by redcar View Post
its not unfair. it actually makes it more fairer. if there one company holds a monopoly on the market, then they dictate what prices to charge people, and because there is no competition they have no need to compete for the best price, and hence best price for the consumer.

i study economics as part of my degree, and monopolies are worse for the consumser. therefore the EU are protecting the consumer.

now on the Aer Lingus thing, i only used that as an example. Aer Lingus was up until a few months ago a semi-state body, ie the government was the majority shareholder. it was then privatised, the govenment sold it off. Ryanair then wanted to buy out the new shareholders however they refused to sell. but the point is even if they had wanted to sell the EU would have blocked the sale because it would have resulted in Ryanair gaining a monopoly in the Irish market. and trust me Ryanair having a monopoly would not be good.
It is unfair. The government cannot control what private businesses do, thats like saying the government should be able to control who you talk to.

Ok, now lets think for a second.
How do businesses make money? They benefit the people, low prices, good service, quality products.

I would argue that the more liberal economic stance, stems from lack of understanding of the market.

There is NO such thing as a monopoly that is NOT government instituted.
You can't name a single one. Nope not even Microsoft is one. They have to work hard on quality products and leading innovation in the market to keep their lead. Look at the 360.
How do you think Microsoft got up that high? They had to start somewhere.
Why should they be punished and heavily taxed and perceived as "evil" just because they are smart and have been successfully.

Now I say again there is no such thing as a monopoly.
The only way that could happen was if a company was extremely efficient and innovative. And just completely destroyed the others in quality, service, and low prices. And even if that somehow happened why would it be bad?

Now this brings me to another topic. Why are you FORCED to buy anything!!!
You make it seem as if some company had a complete monopoly on some product (lets say apple juice lol) why would you even buy it if the prices are super high and the juice tastes like shit!!!! What would stop some other company from coming along and making better juice at cheaper prices.

This whole situation would never happen anyway because there is no such thing as a complete monopoly anyway.

Now would you please give me an example of a complete monopoly thats NOT government instituted that has complete dominance in a certain market even when they have shit products. And why couldn't another company come along and beat out the other company?

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
In the United States there iligal
In Canada there alowed and in some cases backed by the government

our gvernment is VERY liberal aka BIG government ALLOT of social programs etc...

In America for the most part the governments always been very Conservative aka small govrnment not as many scial programs or government intervention and control

least thats what I was told in Social
That was true 20 years ago. Its not today

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