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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

Ah pewps.

For a second, it was as though the whole world had stopped and was listening to Ceil. Shamus nearly choked on his French fries and I felt my heat sink into my stomach. As hungry as I had been, my appetite was lost for good now.
“They were captured? Are you sure?” Ham asked, his face pale. Ceil nodded sadly. Suddenly, Shamus pushed his food away from him and stood up.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“We have to go find them, and I’m leaving as soon as possible,” he replied. His voice was even and serious. Ham pulled him back to the table by his arm.
“We don’t even know where they are! It’d be a suicide mission!” Ham said.
“Besides, we’re all wiped from running around everywhere,” I added.
“So you just want to sit here and wait for Vollmer to kill them? I thought we were a team, but apparently, I must be wrong. Let go of me,” Shamus spat at Ham, attempting to rip out of his grip.
“Shamus, listen for a second! You can’t go alone, no matter how much you want to. It hurts me, too, okay? You’re not the only one,” Ham explained.
“I must be the only one that cares.”
“Shut up, okay? Look, we know you’re upset, but just because your mind has been made up with a rash decision doesn’t mean we all have to follow it. I want them here as much as you do, but storming Vollmer’s headquarters won’t do anything!” I retorted angrily, like I usually did before recently.
“I thought you of all people would understand, Ro,” he replied stiffly before running off. Groaning, I stood to follow him, but Ham prevented him me from getting up all the way.
“Let him go cool off. He won’t leave. I don’t think he can.”
“Oh, but he’ll try. I’m going to admit that I feel guilty. Should we go and get them? I mean, Gennadius probably still has friends in there, and we’ve done it before. Should we?” I asked. I could feel a headache coming on which was the last thing I needed now.
“They’ll teach us here, Ro. I think that what we just saw, the food magically appearing on our tables, was your power of imagination. They can make us stronger, and we can take down Vollmer for good this time. Think about it.”
I did. Strengthening my powers sounded great, but was I willing to lose four people, four Dumaniz, to do so?
“Let’s compromise,” Ham started, “We’ll get tabs on what’s going on. There have got to be allies. Perhaps someone more educated than us can go. I want them back too, but the three of us going would be suicide, like you said.”
“I’m just torn. I know we’re not strong enough, but what if…what if Vollmer -“ I trailed off. I didn’t want to say it.
“He won’t. He’s trying to build an army, remember. We don’t even know if they were captured! The thing is, we have to wait.”
“I know, I know. The thing is, will he wait for us to wait?”

I stormed out of there, madder than mad. Neither was going to help. Not even Ro! Ugh, I wanted to just get out of this place.
So that’s what I decided to do.
It was not as difficult as I thought to get back to my room. I sort of remembered the turns and the landmarks along the way. I recognized certain halls, some of which led to other familiar halls. It took about a half hour but I finally got back to our “pad.” I headed straight for my room and tried to look for something to pack supplies in. I found duffel bags in the closet, and I started throwing in some clothes, when…
“Hey!” cried a voice from the doorway. It was not deep enough to be Ham’s, though deeper than Shyam’s, Butch’s. I ignored the person at first. My mind was too set on getting the freak out of there to care.
“Hey, listen!” they shouted again. Glancing on reflex, I caught a look at the dude. He was about fourteen and would have been sneered at in my hometown. He wore a black long-sleeved shirt, with several tears and with the sleeves rolled up, over a white t-shirt. His jeans were torn and mega-worn. He also was wearing flip-flops and a red beanie.
“May I help you?!” I snapped, looking him over again. This chap was exceptionally rag-tag, and we were all rag-tag.
“I was gonna offer the same,” he retorted. He casually meandered over and held out his hand, like he wanted me to grasp it so he could pull me up. I shook my head, firmly closing up the duffel bag. “No, look,” he ordered, and I looked over. The handle shook about five inches away from his fingertips, and he pulled backwards. Lo and behold, the handle jumped off across the room. My mouth hung agape, and no it wasn’t from surprise. I had lost the ability to be surprised a while ago.
I was, though, shocked, and I stood and yelled, “Hey! Who’s gonna fix that?” He had obviously walked me into that.
“Someone will glue it back on later, I presume.” I helped it scuttle back over to the dresser.
“We’ve got the same power,” I said tonelessly. He looked at me, his face saying, “You think?” I looked at his eyes. His irises seemed to be made of metal, like platinum.
“Nice to meet you, but I gotta scram,” I said, moving past his left side, but he slid in my way.
“No, I heard your predicament and also I heard your friends sayin’ that they needed training. So I hurried after you ‘cause while you need to rescue your friends, you need to go with their idea first.”
“Like I’m gonna procrastinate their… lives,” I snapped back. God, that sounded dumb.

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