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Default Re: Government "fairness" creates monopolies. Here is the evidence.

Originally Posted by Phantom
Now for the EU controlling what businesses can buy and cannot buy is VERY restrictive and unfair by my opinion. You do know that if Aer Lingus didn't want to sell their business, they don't have to, they do not need a government telling them they should not sell their business.
its not unfair. it actually makes it more fairer. if there one company holds a monopoly on the market, then they dictate what prices to charge people, and because there is no competition they have no need to compete for the best price, and hence best price for the consumer.

i study economics as part of my degree, and monopolies are worse for the consumser. therefore the EU are protecting the consumer.

now on the Aer Lingus thing, i only used that as an example. Aer Lingus was up until a few months ago a semi-state body, ie the government was the majority shareholder. it was then privatised, the govenment sold it off. Ryanair then wanted to buy out the new shareholders however they refused to sell. but the point is even if they had wanted to sell the EU would have blocked the sale because it would have resulted in Ryanair gaining a monopoly in the Irish market. and trust me Ryanair having a monopoly would not be good.

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