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i love to rub my clitoris with a vibrating tooth brush. Im 13 so I have to get around my parents. Next time you go to the store just say you need a new toothbrush. to keep the noise down, use it in the shower. they wont suspect anything.

Originally Posted by cutelilbunny View Post
ummm...i have a ?. well today i was masturbating and the vaginal fluid was wasnt the normal blueish stuff...and i tasted it (im addicted to tasting vaginal fluid ) and it tasted like rotten strawberies O.o is it normal for fluid to change color? im worried sickkk...
Ok hate to tell you but I'm 13 and I have been masturbating since I was 8 (I know its young but i didnt really know even what masturbating was-it just felt good) ANYWAY that is NOT normal. You might want to go to a gynocologist. If you've never been to one before, your parents dont have to know or be with you just bring money. they are required to keep your privacy if you're older than 12. look up pelvic exam on google for more details.

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