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Default Re: Damn. Please Help.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
She may just not be interested in you. Not putting your arm around her isn't enough to completely turn someone off. There are certain factors that you have that you can't "screw up" on. It's just how you are. She may just not like how you are. If she's brushing you off and doesn't seem interested, move on and try someone new, but don't think you messed up because you didn't touch her. There probably wasn't anything you could do to get her interested in you anyway.
The thing is though, she was interested. We've dated before, but I consider this our first date since breaking up before ( it was years ago, )and lately we've been hanging out and she'd lay her head on my shoulder and flirt and everything. But there's also the fact that I'm pretty sure she isn't over her ex yet.
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