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Default Damn. Please Help.

Okay, so I just went on the first date with this girl I really like. I decided, since it was the first date, that I should play it safe. So we just talked, and I decided not to put my arm over her shoulder or anything, just to be safe. My other friend was on a date the same night, also his first date with the girl. He was talking about how he put is arm over her shoulder and everything, so I started getting worried that maybe I was too cautious. Now it kind of seems like this girl is trying to avoid me in school, and she's not really talking to me very much. I know it isn't because I smelled during the date or anything like that, because I checked thoroughly before I left, put on deoderant, brushed my teeth, and used mouth wash. My friend just suggested that we go on a double date with him and his date to ice skate, and I mentioned it to her, but she kind of shrugged it off. She doesn't like him very much, but I still can't get the possibility out of my mind that I screwed everything up on the first date, and now she doesn't want to go on another one. She said she had a good time on the date, but I can't get that feeling out of the pit of my stomach that I messed up. It also doesn't help that I worry about everything on an extreme level. Any advice?
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