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Originally Posted by cosmos
dont get the emachines. i had an emachine computer once and it was teh shit.
What was your emachine? Was it one of those old Celeron that were like 1.5ghz or less? If so, I understand what you're talking about. Was it a desktop? I know eMachines has greatly improved their quality of computers. My dad has a Desktop Emachine Athlon XP 3000+, and it's great. I used to have a eMachine Celeron 566Mhz, and it was crap. They've definitely improved, which is the only reason I would even consider it.

Originally Posted by nwshc
Well, you could go on to and type in the model and stuff and it will come up with the cheapest price. But to the part where they dont sell AMDs to consumers directly, thats a little strange.
I know, it is a little strange. That's what they said, though. I'll definitely call their phone number before I decide on something else. Because, I don't believe that. I might be able to get Best Buy or a similar store to order me one. I don't see why they wouldnt. Especially when they were getting them up until like a week ago.

I just checked that site, and unfortunately, they dont have the laptop I want. Just like every other site. Didn't have any good other ones either.

- Bill
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