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Default Re: *** Official Male Puberty Survey ***

You and Your Body
Age: 14
Height: 5'3"
Shoe Size: 8 and 1/2
Body type (skinny, average, etc): average
BMI (Click here for more information): to lazy to find out

Body Hair
Put an X between the brackets if you have hair in that area.
[]Facial [X]Armpits []Chest []Stomach [X]Pubic []Butt [X]Legs []Feet
Are you satisfied with the amount of hair you have? - yes
-Do you wish you had more or less? - i dont like hair so less :/

Put an X between the hair that you shave or trim, if you do.
[]Facial []Armpits []Chest []Stomach [X]Pubic []Butt []Legs []Feet

Length (Erect): 4.5"
Girth (Erect): not sure
Cut or Uncut: uncut
-Do you wish you Was/Wasn't? - im fine with uncut
Do you think it's proportional for you height? - i guess
-For your Age?: ya
What's the average length in your mind? - depends on age
Does your Penis bend? - yes
-In which Direction? - upwards
--A lot, some or little? - little
---Does this concern you? - no

Have you started puberty yet? - yes
At what age did you start? - 12
In your opinion, did you start late or early? - late
Have you ever had a wet dream? - no
Do you compare yourself to guys your same age? - not really
-In what ways?
Are you done with puberty? - no

Do you masturbate? - yes
How many times per day or week? - couple times a week
How old were you when you started masturbating? - 13
What hand do you use? - both, but mostly right
What do you think about whilst masturbating? - sometimes girls
Where's the weirdest place you've masturbated? - school
Where do you masturbate most often? - shower
What technique do you use? - any i guess
Do you use any lubrication? - no
Have you ever been caught? - close but no
Have you masturbated with friends? - no
-Separated or together?
--Did you regret it or did you have fun?
Are you flexible enough to suck your own penis? - lol no
-If not, do you wish you could? - not really
Do you ejaculate? - yes
-If so how much? - medium-ish
--Spit or Dribble? - spit
---If spit, how far? - not very far
How do you clean up? - if im in shower, water, otherwise tissues
Did you ever taste it? - no
If so what was your reaction?

Do you look at porn? - sometimes
If so, what types? - anything but gay porn
Have you ever been caught looking at porn? - yes, said it was a pop-up
Do you masturbate while looking at porn? - yes

Sexual Orientation
Are you straight, gay, bi, or curious? - straight
If straight, do you think homosexuality is ok? - sure
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend? - personality
Have you ever had a relationship? - yes
If so how long? - 4-8 months
Did you ever cheat on this person? - no
-Did they find out?
--How did they react?
---Has this taught you a lesson?

Have you ever had sex? - yes
-What kind? - oral
--Did you use protection? - no
---What kind of sex was it? - blow job
If still a virgin, will you wait until marriage to lose your virginity? - no
What do you look for in a partner? - idk
Do you have any regrets what so ever? - dont want to get someone pregnant
Do you think that younger people have sex out of peer pressure? - sure

People and Places
Do you have sleepovers with friends? - i have
Do you compare penis sizes to friends? - no
Do you ever talk about puberty or sex with your friends?
Have you been seen naked by family members or by friends? - yes, accidentally
Do you masturbate with friends? - no

What would you rate this survey out of 10? - 9.5
Are there any questions you think that should be added or removed? - nope
Any other comments you would like to add: not really

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