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Default Re: Best punk band!!!

Yeah, the bands mentioned like Greenday, aren't considered punk.

And punk is dead? LMFAO NO. Sorry the reason they've been writing songs called Punks not dead, is because it's not.

It's as silly as saying metal died. Just because punk isn't in the spotlight, doesn't mean it's dead, it's far from it. In my city alone (Ottawa, Canada) I can list off over 30 punk bands locally. Many have hit it big, including The Riptides and soon to be The Sewer Rats.

I personally love Aus Rotten, Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, Black Flag, Minor Threat, A Global Threat (seen em live) and many other PUNK bands.

If it doesn't have a fast drum beat to kick peoples ass to, it's not punk ;]
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