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Default Re: The Wii-mote

Personally, I love the WiiMote. I think it was one of the most revolutionary concepts in the gaming industry. Not only does this WiiMote allow players to get into the game experience more, but now it allows inactive people to participate in experiences that they might not have been able to before - for instance, golf.

My friend at school is awfully bias against the WiiMote and says "If I wanted to swing a golf club, I'd swing a golf club." This Sony fan-boy doesn't seem to grasp the counter idea I give: "If you want to swing a golf club, yes, you could simply either buy some or borrow someone's and swing it, however, video games have a goal, just as the sport golf does. Some people might not be able to afford buying a complete, finely tuned set of golf clubs, privately rent out an entire golf course and then have the endurance and skill to correctly and accurately hit the golf ball."

So is it just me, or is there a bigger idea behind the WiiMote than just mimicking the swing of objects?

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