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I've pondered this very simple thoughts allot, but I never get any interesting answers:

Why does a higher power have to exist? Do we really need a higher power at this point? I mean, look at all the things we've accomplished and created.

If you think prayer helps, then picture this scenario: You're a married religious parent and your child breaks her leg. Do you pray for it to be fixed or do yo go to a hospital for help? Which is the obviously more logical one to chose? Now, once that doctor has fixed your child's leg, you better be thanking the damn hospital and not your higher power. You know damn well who fixed that leg.

See, with the technology and medical science now, is a higher power really useful or important now?

Also, a tumblr friend of mine said this and I thought I'd share it:

I do not understand the idea of “faith”.
Gods plan is apparently:
Create humans with no knowledge of why they exist.
Never offer them any direct proof of what is going on behind the scenes.
But still punish them for not believing the right thing.
God is basically a game show host challenging people to pick the right mystery door.
I don’t trust any conception of the universe that requires you to believe that it exists. If I don’t believe in gravity, its still there. But for some reason God needs faith.

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