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Originally Posted by SkateNDestroy View Post
Best fingureing technique..

I'm a big giver.. Next week im kindah planing on eating mmy gf out..

i think i might fingure here while doing it

usually i just do the come here inside her and move around play with her gspot and stuff..
and usually rub on the clit..

Sorry if its off topic but i knew i could get help here..
I'd like to know the best fingering technique...

I'm a big giver(when it comes to sex)... Next week I'm kind of planning on giving my girlfriend oral sex.

I think I might finger her while I do so...

Usually, I just put my finger inside her and move it around whilst playing with her g-spot and stuff all the while rubbing her clit.

Sorry if this is off topic, but I knew you guys could help me out!

That's the best translation I could muster up. So basically, he's asking what type of 'fingering' feels best for the girl.

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