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This was a writing assignment for Honors English that my friend Liz and I did together...

Beauty From Pain:

I am hidden, on my face.
I am hiding in disgrace.
Thoughts of death, life, and fear.
It seems that maybe my fate is all sealed.
As I scream, as I sigh,
As I wail, as I cry,
I look at my life that is before me.
It looks so washed out and oh so lonely.
As my mind is digging this awful hole,
I raise the knife
And start to blow
In slow motion,
I feel it all.
The pain, the shame,
I feel it all.
But just before my life is over,
A hand gently touches my shoulder.
I know who he is
And he knows who I am.
This man before me is the great I AM!
Tears are streaming down his face,
As they are on mine.
His beauty and his glory is oh so divine!
"Running out of time" now gains new meaning,
As I run towards the marks of God,
Freedom and anointing,
I am cleansed under the waterfall of his blood atoning.

So how will you tell your story?
You've only got one life to life.
And the only one change you have to give to this world is...

So...what do y'all think?

Yo, I be Keisha xD

"The only one chance you have to give this world is ... the promise of BeautyFromPain."
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