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Talking Hi there

Hi again =]

Seems like my leaving was a bit dissapointing, and I've just came in to say hi. I've made alot of progress in my life having to go to a new school in all, and I'm just so happy here. I don't have much to say, I feel kinda awkward But I really just dropped by for a little while. Says here it's been since September 12th. Been a long time!

My email address is now public so people can see it, just in case you want to talk to me or something, as me a question or whatnot. I'm not back for long, I have a crapload to do!

Well, I might as well do my introduction over, since the last one I did had the wrong name

I'm Zach. I'm 13 and I joined VT the day after my birthday. I play the violin and I already know music is my life passion. I am an proud honor student in the 8th grade, since I did skip 4 grades of public school (due to homeschooling, boring <_>). I come back to just say a few things, and then give a chance for some old friends to contact me. Hope to see you all again, soon! =]

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