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Default Re: This girls. I'll use A and B as their names.

Ok... not even 50% of the people is abuser so I don't know why you are 'scared' of everyone that gets in your personal life... I told you already, she doesn't have to like you to invite you to a party... she might have done it just randomly! Who cares anyways?? is she still asking you? is she looking at you or something??

And that 'love is bullshit' thing its just silly and ridiculous, I'm sorry... first of all like Ant said, you are only 14!! second, if your parents never loved you why don't you try it yourself?? I mean, if you have *never* felt it, when you do its gonna be even hard to stop... its actually pretty cool caring for someone.. you can't take them out of your head, you feel nervous when you are with them, you just wanna hug them for no reason.... I actually think no one can live without someonje to love... and if they do, poor cookies!!
Get some drama movies, even if some are pretty silly, and learn what someone can do under the influence of love

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