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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Hahaha, your militant, yet sincerely logical, arguments to religionists like Virtual Guy are why I've got to fucking love you.
I love you too, bro. Wanna have an Atheist wedding completely void of anything that considered to be religious?

Also, people refusing to debate on a FORUM AND THREAD WHERE YOU DEBATE is fucking hilarious. Seriously, are these people for real? Do they think that by coming onto this thread and saying "I love God", "There is a God" and refusing to explain themselves, we will all suddenly change our stances on religion because you came on here and said so? Imagine if Dawkins/Hitchens/Einstein/anybody who debates religion turned up for some high-profile debate and said "There isn't a God and I have evidence that disproves their supposed existence, but I don't want to show you. Thank you for turning up, and good night". They wouldn't get away with it then so why do some people on here think they can on this thread? Silly religionists...

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