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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Enough said? Am I to assume you have absolutely nothing with which to justify yourself? I'm not sure if you read this forum's description, but this is a place to debate. So why aren't you giving us any sort of reason why you believe what you believe?
The reason why I'm leaving my opinion on religion as it is, is because from experience, religion can be a very sensitive subject to talk about and not something I want to get into an debate about, because it leads to arguing (Which isn't always bad), which also, if you're not careful, leads to one or both sides getting desperate to make their argument look good by using ad hominem at the other side. Another thing is that religion arguments usually do not get much of anywhere and if they do, it takes a very long time for it, more then I'm willing to waste arguing religion. Religion has also been a source of wars between societies. In the end, all I wanted to say that I worship a religion, I don't need to support it if I believe it, there are other things that I find much more worthy to discuss.
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