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Default Re: This girls. I'll use A and B as their names.

Fine with me. I don't believe in love. My parents never loved me. Nobody ever loved me. And love is useless. If you want me to stop this negativity then get f'ed up President Bush to stop. He's making the world worser. Every leader is making the world worser. Instead of spending billions and lots of lifes fighting some useless war, he should use that money and those people to give food to people in Africa where there's tons of people starving. He should care about the world instead of destroy it. All humanity will destroy the world if they don't change! But this is totally off topic, can anybody help me? Does she just want to use me to get into my personal life and make me do stuff for her, or what? Am I the only person thinking straight? Cause nobody else seems to, they all think about money and the war instead of using all the money for homeless people. And you really want to know why I keep pushing away everybody? It's cause of my step dad. I loved him then he went out and fucking abused me. Now I'm scared that everybody I ever let them get into my personal life would do the same.

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