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Default Finding/Buying a new Laptop

Okay, I've been looking for a new laptop. I went out to some stores the other day, and I decided I'm going to get an AMD Athlon 64 3400+. But, the only problem is, I can't find a qualifying laptop for the price I'm willing to pay. While I was at Best Buy, I found an empty counter space, with a tag saying Gateway AMD 64 3400+ (Model 7422GX) with a DVDRW, 80GB hdd, 1024meg of ram, ATI Radeon 9550 Video card, 15.4 in WXGA, etc. All for $1399, which isn't too bad. It's a little high on what I can afford right now, but I can make up a few hundred in the next few weeks.

Anyway, it was just the tag. They were sold out. And, I don't think they were planning to get any more in. So, I checked the Gateway site. And, I found the laptop. Same price. But, it didn't have anywhere for you to click buy. I asked their online sales chat person, and they said that they don't sell AMD Laptops directly to customers, which makes absolutely no sense to me. They said all they sell are intels, and that any amds would be only sent to retail stores. That doesn't help me. I can't find one store which has it, and believe me I've tried. I looked all day yesterday and most the day today. The only thing I could find, is one of the same models which is being sold on some classifieds site, which looks like the owner isn't responding, and one on eBay, which has 9 days left, and looks like it will surpass 1400$. Every other place I've looked says it's either discontinued, or none of their suppliers have any in stock. It's like they just vanished.

I looked at a few others, but it's hard to find a AMD 64 laptop for very cheap, with all those specs. I found one similar, an HP which had some lesser features, which I didn't like, for about a hundred less. I don't really want that though. Half the ram, worse video card, etc. Not good.

Well, just a few minutes ago, I found an eMachine laptop which is basically the same thing as the gateway. It even looks the same (probably because they are the same basic company). But, 1 it's an emachine, which I don't know if I want, and two, it has half the ram. Same price, though. I've heard a lot about eMachine laptops having breaking hinge covers. I'd prefer not having any part of it break.

I don't know if I could get them to add an extra 512 meg of ram for free, since the gateway has the same specs, besides more ram, and same price.

But, I would really love to find that Gateway 7422GX or 7422GZ, either are the same thing, for sale. Any one have any ideas where I could find one? I've searched everywhere I could think of.

Otherwise, anyone have any comments about the eMachine (
or a suggestion for a laptop? I want something with the specs I have above, for either the same price or less. I can't afford anything more.

The link for the gateway is here if anyone wants to look:


- Bill
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