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Question Love?

Im so confused.I have been seeing this guy for almost a month now.And hes like madley in love with me.((I know he means it cause his bestfriend is a good friend of mine.)).Anyways we had sex,and it was my first time.It all happened really fast.We almost broke up about a week ago and he got all suicidle and said theres no point in him liveing if he can't have me.I thought about it and I stayed with him.I don't know what I feel.When Im with him I dont want to be WITH him.If you get what Im saying...But at the same time when I think about not having him I get really sad.He says "I love you" to m all the time I still can't say i back and I know it hurts him.I try telling him how I feel but he doesnt understand.It doesnt help that I dont know how I truely feel about him.Any advice would be geat.Help
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