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Default it hurts

(Maybe)I am a poet..
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Because it hurts

you took me for granted,

but now a weight has lifted,

maybe I'm better off, on my own..

and words that i thought mean't something,

they never mean't nothing,

maybe it's best you just leave me alone..

(because it hurts...)

and I, just keep hoping,

that our memories, have meaning,

maybe it's better if you just stay stoned.

because then you won't notice,

how i am pretending,

maybe it's better if i just move on..

I'm trying to forget you,

and all the things we use to do,

maybe i should erase your voice and your song..

you tell me your sorry,

and that I shouldn't worry,

maybe i should of seen this coming all along..

and I can't accept this,

because I know what we'll both miss,

maybe i quickly let myself fall..

and i don't want to say it,

but i truly regret it,

maybe I never should of made that call.

and I'll tell you, i give up,

but this is a screw up,

maybe i wish, i never knew you at all..

(because it hurts..)

We Were Meant To Live For So Much More..
Have We Lost Ourselves?
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