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so i have a ?..
me and this guy were seeing eachother for a few months..and it was going really good... one saturday he told me that we needed "to talk" the next day when i was coming over. he told me not worry, he told me it was good, he told me to smile..i was sure he was going to ask me out. all his friends told me he was...on sunday, we didn't talk. when i asked him about what he wanted to talk about later. he told me he had changed his mind, and he ended his relationship with me. now..weeks later. we hang out still, and all though we don't "make out" or do any of that stuff anymore, he is constantly asking me about other guys, and his friends all say he is stupid for not dating me..he still wants to be around me.. and yet, he doesnt want to be with me.. honestly i did nothing wrong.. any opinions? i am so completely confused, and the truth is..i am still so into him.. he wont open up to just. tired. oh this is pointless i should just give up.

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