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Default a poem (about him)

faster than we started, we were done..
and before I had time to think, you were gone.
and my heart has known this all along
but now it's too late cuz you've moved on.
and if i could take it back,you know I would.
we could go back to that night where we stood.
and i could fix this all and make it good,
heaven only knows how bad i wish I could.
Nothings been the same since that night
everything has changed from just one fight
and all i want is a chance to make this right
a moment for you to see the light
i threw way to many things into your face
and your right i wasnt perfect i made mistakes
and so many times I'd make you wait
looks like my constant drama changed our fate.
tonight I finally, have realized we are through.
and painfully i burnt the pictures of me and you.
because inside i know thats all that i could do,
to erase everything that I thought i once knew.
I never wanted love to feel so low.
I'm sorry for the way things didn't go.
I'm sorry that all though I said it you didnt know,
I'll say it again.. I love you..but I'll let you go..

We Were Meant To Live For So Much More..
Have We Lost Ourselves?
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