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Default This girls. I'll use A and B as their names.

This have been going through my mind for 3 days already. I've tried to find out why she would do this, but failed. So, I'm going to post the question here. Why would the hottest girl in the school, well I think she is the hottest girl in the school, ask me out to go a party? She doesn't like me, I'm sure of it. She doesn't act different around me, she doesn't really speak to me, and I think she was kinda testing me. Let's call her A. She saw me one day just staring at her so maybe she knows I like her. Oh well, there's this other girl, let's call her B, she told the people in the class to ask me out for her. So they ask me to go out with B. I said no, because I don't like her and because I don't really like being around people. They ask me why, and I said I don't like being around people. There we got that settled now back to my original question. A asked me out to the party and I said no. She asked why. I said because I dont' like being around people. She said well there's people at school... then I said I don't like school either, then she said well don't do go school, it's the same thing. Then I said no it's not. Then she left me alone for the next days until today when this guy was always staring at me and she told him to stop staring at me and told me it's ok. What's up with her? Does she really likes me? Oh yea, A asked another girl to come and told her something. What could that be? Does A just wanted to see if I was actually telling the truth, that I don't like people? Does she actually likes me and want to go out with me? It's confusing me! Would she want to get into my personal life?
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