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Default Re: Will we be like them?

Everybody is stupid. It's a fact. I'm sorry if anybody's offended but we only DO use 15% of our brains maxium.
It IS their fault for getting me mad.
I'm just saying it IS their fault. I wasn't mad posting that. And I never said anything about Doctor Drew in my last post. I was talking to my doctor. The doctor I get my prescriptions and all that from. That's the doctor I'm talking about, not Doctor Drew. By the way, Doctor Drew's the guy in my love line listener signature. If you don't think I'll be an abuser than you HAVE no idea who or what I'm capable of. I am an abuser. I hate it but I try to take my anger out on myself so I won't abuse anybody. I just wish people would see my true self when I'm mad and send me to jail just for that, so I can't harm anybody but actually bad people. I hate it when people think others aren't abusers just from looking at them. Everybody at my school think I'm a good boy. The teacher's pet. I don't get in trouble at school so they think I'm all organized and all good at home. *sighs*
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