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Default Re: Will we be like them?

Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
I call everybody idiots. They just are. Smartest person in history only used 15% of his brain? How idiotic is that? We're all idiots. So if you ban me for saying the truth, you're messed up. It's the stupid truth. And BlazingStar* go to counseling. If you're really that sad about hurting others then take counseling. I don't give a crap about anybody and if somebody get me mad I'll lash out at them or myself, and won't care. It IS their fault for getting me mad.
Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
I'm not mad. And I never gotten mad from this site. Why do people think I get mad easily? I DON'T get mad that easily. I'm one of those people who takes anger out on somebody or themself when they get too filled up with anger. I wouldn't take my anger out on this site. Fine, be mad. I don't care what you think. And yes, they should go to counseling or psychology, but if they don't want to, they don't have to. Fine, I'm wrong. Doctors aren't 100% correct but they're mostly always correct. They do research and studies and tests before they tell the public. My everything my doctor, said, about this, had came true. He told me that I will most likely hold my anger in until I can't help it anymore. He told my mom if she didn't go to counseling she'll keep dating bad guys and abusing kids.
How about you re-reading your post

And doctors are not always 100% sure... why do you think there people who actually die on operations and everything else?? I don't think Dr. Drew has talked to you about those anyway...
Also being an abuser all your life is something... I don't think that if someone gets abused at something like a rasonble age such as 20 or more being an enough of mature person, I don't think you will become an abuser... instead, you will be soooo against it now tha you know how it feels. Being a child is something else... you don't really know what really happened, and if that was really wrong or not... the child can decide to become an abuser, or not... it deppends on how they feel about what happened; people near them also influence their choises... obviously, if they are taken away from the abuser, they are gonna think that there's got to be something wrong... what could it be?? not every child is stupid and only thinks about being 6.

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