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Default Re: Will we be like them?

Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
I call everybody idiots. They just are. Smartest person in history only used 15% of his brain? How idiotic is that? We're all idiots. So if you ban me for saying the truth, you're messed up. It's the stupid truth. And BlazingStar* go to counseling. If you're really that sad about hurting others then take counseling. I don't give a crap about anybody and if somebody get me mad I'll lash out at them or myself, and won't care. It IS their fault for getting me mad.

What if the post intelligent person used 15% of their brain?? Do you ever imagine all we could store if we used 100% of our brain?? sSo useless stuff... I don't even wanna imagine.. my brain would explode.

No one's gonna bann you for telling what you think... they are gonna bann you cause you are flamming everyone telling them that they are gonna be abusers if they don't do a certain thing, without even knowing them a little bit...

Carol (BlazingStar*) should not go to counceling.. yo don't know her a bit (neither reallu do I) so don't go everywhere telling everyone what they should do and what they shouldn't... let people be!

And we got you mad for not agreeing with you?? wtf is that?? I dn't agree with you at all, you are saying stuff that make no sence, telling that doctors are always 100% right when they never are, that these people are gonna be abusers... this is ridiculous!! WE should be the ones mad, we are not calling anyone abusers.

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