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I swore to myself i'd never post again in here. But i just feel stupid

Gah. I dont want my mom to read this, so hopefully she will keep her promise and not go on here..

But, a different girl. Shes different, Sandra. Its complicated about how i feel about her, we've never really talked in real life, we've sat beside eachtoehr, but she was way too shy to talk. ANyways, we talk ALOT on msn, like all the time. And i dunno, after a while i grew to like her, she isnt the best looking girl, but she isnt ugly at all. She is, well.. extremely sarcastic, and thats the downpoint of MSN. You dont know when shes being serious or being silly. And i dunno, i jsut cant seem to get her off my mind, i mention her alot at school, but i try and not make it so obvious. She goes to a different school, not too far from my own.Anyways, to my point.. Girls just ruin your life, you grow so attached to a certain girl, and then when she just gets sick of you, it really bothers you. Probably from the lack of contact i have with her, she is gettin sick of me. She used to be all "I LOVE YOU", but one night i scared her. I sorta spazzed, things are still sorta settling. Sometimes i feel like i wanna see her, but when she asks if i wanna "walk" or something, i refuse. I just forgot everything i just said, but she just logged off msn. and im sorta relived yet sad in a way. I suppose i do like her, but im afraid to tell her. I sorta feel like just letting go slowly, its really really really really confusing. Why is life so fucking complicated.

Anyways, im not sure what i wanted in return from this thread, maybe just some words of comfort from somebody. because this really bothers me.
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