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Default Re: Public schools make children into dumb slaves.

The public school system is broken beyond repair and needs total reform. The current state test standards must be eliminated, children should be classified on 3 levels of ability and special ed, they should all be in the same school. 3 separate wings would be at each school, one would be k-5, one 6-8, and one 9-12. Each wing containing sub-sections, for example, the below average wing of an elementary school would contain grades 1-5(kindergarten would be in its own section within the elementary wing, as it would be used to determine the basic levels at which the students would be put in). The students would be able to transfer easily between the sections if they show strengths in a certain area where they don't in others, there would be a separate room for each grade level in each section for things such as science, history, math, etc. Wings would be built around a central break area, after each class ended the children would receive a 15-minute break. They would be given a flexible block schedule their parents, or for the kids in middle and high school, would be able to decide on, like they want math at 10:00 and science at 11:30, etc. There would be a middle break during the day that gives a full half hour, these breaks would be every grade mixed, or for elementary, two 30 minute breaks at different times, one for k-2 and one for 3-5. One library consisting of books for pre-k to college level would be at the center of all 3 wings, along with a cafeteria. Every section of each wing would contain its own computer lab. The classes would not exceed 20 children in size, pan this out you have 20 children in science for 1st grade below average, 20 for average, 20 for above average, making that 60, so you accommodate 60 first grade students just in science at one time. This structure obviously requires a hell of a lot of teachers, well that’s the point, the reason we have so many dumbasses is because we don’t have enough teachers and the classes are too large. These mega-schools would obviously cost a lot, but let’s do a little equation to figure how many can fit in one. Let’s say you have general science, math, language arts and reading, art, history, writing, and drama, I won’t go in depth about physical education. That’s 60 students for each grade level for each class times 7 classes, this won’t count kindergarten, that’s 420 students for each grade, and yes, don’t give me a funny look, 21 teachers for each grade. Let’s take the whole school not counting kindergarten, 12 times 420 is 5,040 students per school, and 252 teachers, if you want to check my math just divide 5,040 by 252, that’s 20 students per teacher. Please, tear holes in this as much as you like.

Edit: I did not account for special ed and genius classes in those numbers as well as kindergarten.

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