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Originally Posted by some1 View Post
What the hell??? No charger??? Does that mean i dont need a charger? or they just want us to buy it separately? geez, thats weird.

Also, if they dont give the CD, they just expect us to download it off the internet then?

Oh btw, i meant how many GIGABYTES is an ipod. Sorry, i wasnt clear. lol. What ipod has the most gigabytes and how much Gs?
To charge it you just USB connect it to the computer my mom got one, and thats the only way to charge it, other than the old car charger

My mom's iPod also came with the CD... if it doesn't come, just message me, or email me and I'll give you the link or just go to wrose thru it a little, and you'll 99 percent find it it's almost impossible not to

iPods come in many sizes... like Andy said

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