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o could anyone help me too , this girl i like i think kinda has feelins for me, she has basicly told me (over IM) to ask her out ( it was her as he talked about differnt bits of that convo face to face not one of her pals) but the thing is we've been out before (atleast twice) and it was cool and all but the thing is shes one of those girls that all the other boys are like ' shes HOT' ( well ofcaorse i think so to but i like her for who she is not what she has) she gets asked out by like the same guys all the time and she recntly said yes but she doesnt even like him (poor guy) yesterday we were talking and i being the banter sort ( i wasnt random we were on the subject so...) i asked wat she would say if i asked her out, she just replied that i she would only answer if i asked the question, so i asked and she said that she already goes out with someone, then she said that she woulc if she wasnt goin out with him ( i already know she is goin to dump him) so the thing is what should i do, ask her out once he's dumped or just kinda turn a blind eye on her in that way, so canfusing even more as i think she furted with me on the bus,

sorry for making it so long
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