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Default Re: Will we be like them?

Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
You idiots. You WILL 100% be like her, unless you get counseling...anybody who is abused will tend to be like their abuser or have a gf/bf just like their abuser unless they get counseling. So f'ing get counseling if you don't want to be like your mom. I'm sorry, I think everybody are idiots except Danielle. So get counseling or you WILL be abused even more by your bf/gf or be the abuser. This is the truth, at least Doctor Drew says so and every other Doctor. I'm pissed off at you people for saying you're saying. Silence needs counseling and/or a psychologist!
What solid evidence is there to say that EVERYONE who is abused will enter into more damaging relationships in later life? One of my friends (55) was sexually abused as a child. But he is not an abuser. He was not abused further. He also did not go to a psychologist or counselling. He IS however, the kindest and most gentle person I know. Go figure.

And using Doctor Drew as your reference is not impressive, nor is it concrete evidence.

Silence, if you want to change. If you want to break free of the abusive relationship pattern then you will succeed and avoid in turing into your abuser.

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