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Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0 View Post
Hmm, personally, I'd let 11+ in. Although it would probably lessen the forum's quality of people, 11 and 12 is really the age that you have the most unanswered questions about puberty. Every-freaking-little thing about puberty was confusing to me when I was late 11 early 12 .. I was so innocent, I didn't even realize I was masturbating until I was almost 13.
Normally even if they started puberty yet, they are not mature enough to understand all this... this forum, as VT isn't only about puberty, but also about depression, selfharm, drugs, mental illness and stuff... I don't think an 11 year old could really handle all that, just by reading... I know that they don't HAVE to read them, but they know its there, they can open it, read it, do whatever the fuck they want. Also 13 is a perfect age, I mean, 13 is pretty cool, and is where normally you start actually growing, inside and out. The last thing VT needs is more inmature people.

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