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Default Is it normal?

Lol, I've seen alot of posts with their name "Is it normal?". Oh well, here's my question. I've never been on a date, I've never really talk to anybody. I've chatted with this girl before and well we just got close to each other. Is it normal to know exactly how the girl feels and know exactly what the girls want? Cause she says I do exactly what she wants. She thinks I'm psychic and I know everything cause of it. It's confusing me, I don't know everything. I told her I probably know these things from sitting at a lunch table with my so-called-friends, and basically ignore them and watch other people. I've watched girls and guys together, guys and guys together, girls and girls together and watched what they do. Can you know exactly how a girl feels and want by doing that, or is she just lying to me like mostly everybody else do? Oh yeah, go ahead say I have no life. The girl thinks I have no life.

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