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Default Re: Will we be like them?

You idiots. You WILL 100% be like her, unless you get counseling. Listen to love line. Jeez. The doctor says anybody who is abused will tend to be like their abuser or have a gf/bf just like their abuser unless they get counseling. So f'ing get counseling if you don't want to be like your mom. I hate you mom by the way. Sorry but I just do. I hate anybody who abuse anybody. Period! I'm sorry, I think everybody are idiots except Danielle. So get counseling or you WILL be abused even more by your bf/gf or be the abuser. This is the truth, at least Doctor Drew says so and every other Doctor. I'm pissed off at you people for saying you're saying. Silence needs counseling and/or a psychologist!
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