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Originally Posted by some1 View Post
Ok, im thinking of buying an ipod, but i have questions...

1. You can buy the songs for the ipod from itunes, BUT i heard thats also where you put the songs that you've downloaded elsewhere so you can upload it into the ipod.
I use limewire. So if i use limewire to get songs, does that mean I can just put the downloaded songs into the itunes software and then upload it into an ipod?

2. When you buy an ipod, it comes with a CD for the itunes software thingy, right?

3. How many bytes are the different ipods? Which one has the most bytes?

4. What other things come with the ipod? (charger, headphones, whatever...)

5. How much? In dollars maybe?
1. You have to import your downloaded music into iTunes for it to go on to the ipod.

2. Yes, you can download the lastest veersion free from apple.

3. Bytes?! Mine is 29,865,164,800 bytes (27.8GB) check out the apple website for the rest.

4. iPod, USB 2.0 Cable, iPod white headphones, iTunes CD, instructions.
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