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Um not exactly for some people,lol By the way I'm just throwing this out,I tried cutting and I didn't get addicted mate,I stoped like yesterday mate,Haven't had one urge
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It is a bit naive to think that the very first time you cut you will get addicted. It is an addictive behaviour, however, it only becomes an addiction after a while.

I am glad you havent done it again hun
Very,Very true mate,and thanks for the quote.It is true that I do not cut anymore. Although a few years back,I did get addicted and I hated myself for it. But those scars healed awhile back. But the one ugly scar still lays on my wrist...Thats when I quit...I went to the FUCKING hospital because of it. So do not freaking start. SMILE

Btw please gve reputation if you want hehehe
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