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Red face I think Ive got OCD? But do I??

Right, when I was little, I use to check my bag, Over and over again, BELIVING That something was missing, something was gone? and I'de panic if I didnt, My mum said "Stop checking your bag, its like you've got OCD" And that stuck in my mind...Im now 13, and I have some friends who have it, and they told me there symptoms, and I thought "Oh, really? theres alot of symptoms" so I decided to look it up, see what else there is, maybe I did have it? I looked up the symptoms and to my suprise, there were things there that I did that I thought were perfectly normal, not symptoms of OCD? I count my foot steps evenly for each foot, then switch and do the same amount on each foot or else its weird? If Something touches the palm of my right hand, It has to on the left on to or I FREAK! Same with my left foot, or right leg, if its done on one side of my body, it has to be done the other side or I FREAK! I come up with little scences of bad things in my head from such small things and then panic!! Obbsesse over it...If something feels of balence (I cant think of an example) Then i start obbsessing, and I beggin to have a miny panic inside...I once screamed at my mum for not doing doing sank cause it felt 'wrong' in my opinion.

Theres more and I didnt describe it that great but I think I might :/
If anyone knows, Or knows somewhere I could go to find out, Please comment
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