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Red face Re: three strikes law

Originally Posted by XGeekxInxDisguiseX View Post
i dont live in the U.S but i watched a thing on tv about the three strikes law and i was wondering what everyone eles felt about this?
[for those of you who dont know what the three strikes law is its if you get three even minor crimes, like possesion, then you get charged for a major crime and could get up to 25 years in prison]
Three strikes laws are statutes enacted by state governments in the United States which require the state courts to hand down a mandatory and extended period of incarceration to persons who have been convicted of a serious criminal offense on three or more separate occasions. These statutes became very popular in the 1990s. They are formally known among lawyers and law professors as habitual offender laws.[1] The name comes from baseball, where a batter has two strikes before striking out on the third.
The stated rationale for these laws is that the automatic and lengthy imprisonment of individuals who commit three or more felonies is justified on the basis that recidivists are incorrigible and chronically criminal, and must be imprisoned as a matter of public safety
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