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Most of these are fucking retarded. But especially this comment, really took the cake. Basically all I have to say is that hash is an all together different high than just weed, and also, it can be more potent at smaller amounts because it has a more highly concentrated THC content. Also, yes there are ways to make hash using household items such as isopropyl alcohol, but not boot polish. You do sound very educated, but get some better hash dude. And also, let's keep it clear that there are different highs for most strains (types) of weed. And it doesn't matter if it's skunk, or white widow, or purple urkel, you have the capacity to hallucinate on either when you take enough.

Originally Posted by Kasabian View Post
It really depends on the kind of pot you smoke, it's potency and it's purity. Hash (a hard black or brown lump to anyone who doesn't know) tends to be weaker than weed and skunk and is sometimes cut with something like boot polish. It produces a mellow feeling in regular doses. Nothing too strong but it is noticable. Weed is stronger than hash and creates a euphoric effect that normqlly makes people laughy and chilled out. Skunk (pretty much the strongest kind; easily identifiable by it's strong smell) can have much larger effects than weed and hash. It can make colours appear brighter and sharper and can seriously affect the users co-ordination.

Also, be careful when you smoke it. Some people have bad reactions to the drug (especially skunk) which makes them feel sick and vomit. There are many names for this feeling such as (in the UK anyway) "whiteying" "greening out". Take it from me, this is NOT a pleasant feeling.

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