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hahah you're fucking fools,
you're bitching and monaing about pop punk...why??
does it matter?
pop-punk is exactly what it says it sis...Punk music that has pop influences
and they funny thin gis all you people who think onl eclassic punk/old punk is the only allowed punk genre then you're more retarded then i thought.
there is so many punk sub cultures its unreal...
there is genres like hardcore, grindcore and softcore that are all offshoots of classic punk
but pop-punk is the only sub-gebre (that springs to mind(apart from punk rock)) that kept partly punk name
these bands are not sellouts for being in the pop-punk genre because they are affecting the audiences that they want to affect...everyone
music isnt kept specific to certain people...and some people arnt allowed to like that music...
you lot are behaving as bad as fcking chavs...
you dont respect music as genres or in a whole,
Good Charlotte have not sold out...once...because they've always aimed for the younger generation, and they have always been in the charts and shall continue to make the same music..because they enjoy it...and thats what matters, that they enjoy it, no tu whiny bitches are complaining because you cant accept a sub culture of punk
Again this is the same with NFG..they have always been making hte same kind of music, they enjoy it, and sure they are making money out of this, this means people enjpoy thier music..when AC/DC made millions no1 critisied them for selling out?
Sum41 havnt sold out, if anything they've become less of a sell out band, as they've faded away, and then released Chuck, it didnt grab the younger kids attention so much and they hav become More underground and are Loosing money..this is not selling out
Blink all should know my personal feelings on this band, so i shall not go into too much detail as you wil call be bias or w/e, but i still do not believe this band have sold out, because i know the full sotry, ues their music as changed dramatically in thier new realse, and yes it has brought in a wider fan base, but this is because they made thier music alot more darker, and people were more attracted to this. you will say so this is selling out..buit no it isnt, Tom Delonge, has always wanted to make this music, as has Travis Barker, They Formed Box Car Racer in 2001, but they made one album and split up as mark felt left out.. this album was very much the latest blink album, this shows thaty it was not selling out, but pure love fore the music, that blink have always contained, Definatly not selling out.

I Still Cant Believe You people are talking about sell outs, you're making a fool outa yourself every time you say it, because its just proving how little you know about music, how little you know about music genres, and how little you appreciate music

So before you start making rash, uneducated comments, that have no base and no reason for saying them but because you are a little whiny bitch and you have nothing better to do then whine about music that doesnt appeal to you and jerk off,
read up a bit more about music.. and oh, try listening to music, because obviously your not listening to the bands you say you like...(AC/DC fan this means you) and comming out with dumbass comments like this, if you actulary listen to the songs you will see so so many influences to the songs.
But at the moment you are prooving yourselves to be fucking plain retarded.

Music is for lovers, not for haters.

Grow up, Listen to the music you pretend to like but have no actual clue abou tthat you have just prooved to me, and make your opinions worthwhile and a bit harder for me to trash them all over the place and proove you wrong 1thousand times over



(by the way you've provided me with some entertainment watching you come up with pitiful replioes to this post)

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