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Default I"m Done.

oh my gosh....

i think i just had what they call a break through.
like a real one.
ok i guess its not so great but i'm on exctacy.
and i just realized how pathedic this post is...
i'm ruining my life.
i have ruined my life.
i've ruined my relationship with my parents.
i've DEYSTROYED my trust with my mom and ESPESDIALY my dad.
i've taken advantage of my dads kidness & trust.
i've treated my dad like dirt and an idiot.
i'm a horrible daughter....
i'm seriouse dont even try and defend me.
i called and left an message at my theripst office.
i said "i'm soory i've been advoid your calls and not coming to my sessions, please call me as ealer in teh morning you can, i'd like to set up an emergency appointment."

i'm going to go, and pour my heart out...i want to get better.
& then i'm gonna set up an appointment the next dad with my dad and her, and i'm going to apoligize for everything and were going to work this out.

i cant belive how fucked up i messed up my life and i'm only fifteen....

W a r n i n g: Too Many Thoughts Could Lead To An Explosion.


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