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Default Re: Penis Sizes - ha, lots of questions!

Originally Posted by Hot Fudge View Post
Hi im 16, penis size varys when its soft but is usualy about 4'', when errect about 6.6'' at the most. I have quite a lot of pubic hair, its all over my body; chest, back, face, legs, arse, chest, arms and of course around my nackers etc. I vary between briefs and boxers but i only really wear briefs when im doing sport, sometimes i dont wear any at all. Most of the time i wear boxers. No you can not suck your own penis unless you have an opperation that involves having your bottom 2ribs removed, not that i have tried. I would recomend that you didnt do that tho because you might cause yourself serious back problems.
you don't have to havr your two bottom ribs removed, you just gotta be flexible...which I am not...but I can still lick the is weird... but anyways... I usually get medium sized boxers, 5 1/2 when erect, 3 when flaccid, 5 in girth, and not very many pubes...long and tangly and bushy and thick where they are though..oh and I'm 14

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