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Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
I believe homosexuality is a sin just as other sins, ex: lying, and is no more severe. If you believe that the Lord is the messiah and savior, and ask forgiveness for your sins, you will have everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Corruption and basing all your beliefs by religion is very disappointing... anyway Christianity will never accept science e.g. the will never as a whole accept evolution the Darwin way, its seems that we will always be seen as a oddity or a weird or as evil in some ones eyes because we where born different than the majority, just because some guy who wrote the bible 300 years after Jesus died doesn't mean its true also the bible has been know to have been changed and distorted over the years... this is properly why I have no respect for conservative Christians for they can't just accept people for who they are they are, like very annoying argumentative old people... I frankly had enough of people saying im wrong, im bad, there is something wrong with me im a sin, when I live like this because I have no choice I don't choose it im not controlled by daemons or by Satan I just know how to love a different way that you I love I feel I care like any normal person


if this is what this supposed heaven is going to be full of i don't want a part of it i would rather have internal damnation and live a internality with a bunch of clones and repress my feelings it would be my hell

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