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i need you here with me , you know i was here with you when you needed me, now you've moved on and left me behind like some bastard.....fatherless child , im so lost, have no direction to go . i guess i will just follow the way the wind blows .....plz come back to me i know that you dont need me, but just to be with you one more time would make the world all right. ....but what am i thinking. your gone for real i guess i just can't accept the fact that the one person who loved me is finally just a crack, in my black pittyfull heart....thats been shatterd and torn apart ..once picked up by you....but thru and thru your another painfull crack ...... i would rather you take a fuckign ax to my back the pain would be less and maybe in hell i wouldnt have to feel the emtyness.

what do you ppl think......

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