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Default Please help me :(((((

Okay, so I've beem diagonosed with OCD recently, about a month ago. I'm taking 50 mg of Zoloft, because my doctor wants to gtradually increase it. But, i've noticed it hasn't helped me much at all. It did in the beggining, but now not at all. I'm back to my other obsessions, which were:

-I worry about being lesbian, and liking girls, when I know I like guys. I've dated guys in the past, and I have a best friend that i hang out with all the time. And so then I worried that because I like to hang out with her and that i love her, being shes my best friend that i "like" her, when I dont. Then I have pictures of us in my room, and so I worry that i'm obsessed with her because i'm having these thoughts and pictures of us in my room. Does anyone have thoughts like these? I've had similar thoughts before, but idk i hate this it seems like theres no hope at all.

-I also used to worry about my house being haunted, and going to hell and things like that, but I go to church and I worship god so this doesnt make any sense.

PLEASE help mee
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