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Default Re: big night/ meltdown

I read it all
You'll be fine, just relax, and try to fix things out with your parents... they can irritate sometimes, and make you feel that they don't love you, but they do... trust me! They always make me feel like they love me, specially my dad because he lives in argentina and sometimes he doesn't even email me or call me or ANYTHING... he makes me feel like if he didn't care about him... then he calls me to tell me that he got me a ticket to go to Orlando and meet him... in some sort of way, he is caring about me, and he's telling me he wants to see me!
My point is that they aren't going to show that they love you ALL the time, treating you like their little angel, and stuff... just wait, and give them time... or just talk to them, make them feel thay YOU love them... they might understand, and start really acting it up

Hopefully I helped

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