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Dude listen,I have made it through my little depression episode and so can you man,just try and hold back your anger,and please do not cut yourself because you might get addicted to it and then you'll have a major problem, it is good that you do not want to but do not try,when i was going through it I tried cutting myself and it didn't work at all! So don't let this overwhelm you and if you want to talk with me in private I would be happy to ...Talk to your parents in a calm and relaxed voice and tell them you do have a problem,that's what I did and now I am happy.

Hey man I'll be your friend even though we live in different places,and I am sorry about your dad yelling at you and pretty much neglecting you,my dad was like that then I told him about this and now he is taking me to see a movie.

So all in all,try and hold back your anger at home and if u can't go see your school counselor.

So yea if you want to talk with me,I can try to help,no guarantees though,but I can try and help. Just ask mate.

P.S. For anybody reading this I would be happy to help them in anyway I can
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