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Default Addiction/Alcoholism is a Disease With a Cure

If you are addicted, and you realize you can't stop, there is a medical reason. You have the disease of addiction. Yes that's right, addiction is a disease. Webster's definition of a disease- "Disease: Any departure from health presenting marked symptoms; malady; illness; disorder" The marked symptom of addiction is not being able to not use.

The reason you cannot stop is because drugs affect your brain. After using enough, in the prefrontal lobe of your brain, you have something called the limbic system. Within the limbic system, Drugs fry the area that connects your logic with your emotions.

For instance, you use this portion if you are on a diet, and you decide not to eat sweets, regardless if you feel like eating them. This connection gets lessened EVERY time you use any drug(including alcohol). This is why the majority of recovering attics are overweight, or at least have something they do more than normal people do.

People with "Addictive personalities", do things like working out too much or pretty much over-do anything they enjoy. If you are an addict, and you WANT to stop(that is required) there is a cure. You have to consistently do anti-drug activities. Attend AA, NA, or CA meetings, do pro health activities such as sports.

If you can, avoid relationships for a year if your not already in one (god forbid you have a break-up, and we all know how depressing and degrading that could be, and lack of self-worth and depression are the number one things that drive people to use). I also strongly suggest getting a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who has at least 1 year of sobriety, is the same sex as you, and is familiar with getting sober. They help you along the way of staying sober. If you have a craving, call your sponsor, they help you sort out the logic of the situation and talk you through it.

If you aren't up for doing all that, do what you can at the best of your ability. Another "Tool" you can use to get clean is this. get a piece of paper and draw a big "V". And write everything you do or did positive/pro abstaining from drugs today, write that on the right side, such as hygiene, not using, staying away from triggers(things that make you feel like using) working out, good diet, etc. On the Left side, write everything you did that was negative that day, such as using, bad diet, bad hygiene, etc. Your goal, is to try to have as many things as you can on the right side, and as little as possible on the left.

Also, after a while, you could look with pride on improvements you made over time by filling your "V" up with more and more positive things and less negative things than before. By the way, if you abstain from only certain drugs like "just" drinking instead of smoking bud, you still are trapped in addiction, you are still using to cope. Well these are all the guidelines and helpful things I can think of for this disease, I hope this helps.

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