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Stay away from these people, your best friends don't make you feel like shit. If you feel like shit, your friends help with that. This may sound drastic, but you only have 4 years of highschool to get a good group of friends and only 4 years to enjoy that before everyone starts there life. Unless you find new friends youll feel like shit through highschool, and nobody needs that. Are there any sports you like? Or hobbies you have? Because maybe join a sport you like or a activity were you can meet new people. I personally, recently got out of rehab, and realized all my drug friends were pulling me down with them. So, i realized, that since I've been with these people i stopped doing martial arts and Football. Well, football season isnt going on anymore, so im gonna try that next year, but i made a lot of new friends at my martial arts center. Trust me, people who don't divert there attention to drugs ever have a lot more good qualities. Don't let these people ruin your highschool life by encouraging misery.

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